Website Development & Design Services

Website Development & Design Services

The internet is full of opportunities for all kinds of businesses worldwide. Leverage its power to boost your business and take full advantage of it. Build your digital presence today and discover your market potential with Oceans Fay digital marketing company’s website development services. With our website developers and digital marketing experts we’ve got you covered! all the way from website design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) and site maintenance.


Your website will be thoroughly scanned and checked for 50+ digital marketing aspects including On page, Off page, domain authority, Social media engagement, backlinks, and other online factors.

Why You Would Need A Responsive Web Design

Have a responsive ready website and harness the power of both desktop & mobile users

Out of total internet users 85% of the users use some type of mobile device to surf the internet. A responsive design ensure that the website work A number of different screen sizes exist across devices. It is important that your website design can function on any screen size today or in the future. With responsive website design, you can make sure that your website responds to customer needs and the requirements of the devices they are using.

Here are few more reasons to opt for Oceans Fay’s web development services

Improved User Experience

Ocean Fay’s WordPress website design services are aimed for optimization of your website for best user experience and achieving long-term success. Our WordPress web design company makes sure that your website checks off every part of Google’s Core Web Vitals and performs at its best.

Website Maintenance

Routine website maintenance is very important to ensure your website is running at full capacity. At Oceans Fay, we conduct routine website checkup and maintenance and perform website analysis to determine your website’s key aspects that need improvement. Using those analytics results, we develop strategies to enhance your website security, boost your traffic and optimize your page experience.

Improved Conversion Rate

Migrate your page visitors to the bottom of the sales funnel with help from our WordPress website design company. Oceans Fay team optimizes your website speed, eliminates unnecessary form files that reduces speed, places clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and simplifies navigation on your webpage. We also perform A/B testing to make sure that all functions of your websites are optimized for conversion.

More Website Traffic

Your website is your company’s foundation online. It forms your primary customer touchpoint and conversion machine. With our WordPress website design company’s help, you can ensure your site sticks firmly to search engine guidelines and acquires good usability scores and higher rank on search engines.

Custom Web Design

At Oceans Fay, we spend time and effort to develop WordPress web designs that match your unique brand and suit your specific audience needs. Our WordPress web design company creates unique design and unique graphics instead of pre-packaged themes and graphics. We do an extensive site analysis, competitor evaluation and audience inspection to identify your unique selling points (USPs) and determine your website’s clear conversion path.

eCommerce Web Design

Studies reveal that the majority of online shoppers will omit a website and never return back if they receive bad user experience. Don’t let this happen to your online stores or website. Take full advantage of Oceans Fay’s eCommerce web design services and create a positive first impression on your potential customers. We optimise your product or services webpages, keep your web design simple and professional, use high-quality graphics and make your content scannable.