Oceans Fay’s technical SEO audits are created specifically to build a foundation for success in organic search ranking. We recognise critical technical issues that may be hindering your website from attaining better search visibility—and then find solutions for them.

Our thorough technical SEO audits have helped many of clients fix crawling and indexing snags (among many other problems). By the end of the audit, you will receive a detailed report enlisting all the problems, plus expert recommendations on fixing them.


Your website will be thoroughly scanned and checked for 50+ digital marketing aspects including On page, Off page, domain authority, Social media engagement, backlinks, and other online factors.


Duplicate issues

The standard definition of ‘duplicates’ is pieces of content that are exactly the same or are ‘approximately similar’ to other content present on your website. They can occur through the use of both secure and plain protocol URLs, syndicated RSS feeds, blog tags, CMS functionalities, and for many other reasons. We can quickly recognize duplications and suggest solutions such as crawl directives, use of robots.txt, and canonical tags.

Crawl-ability issues

Everything from coding bloats to outdated URLs can create crawling ability issues. We look thoroughly into factors that may be blocking search engine crawlers from crawling all the good stuff on your website: server related problems, sitemap errors, site architecture issues, outdated technologies (like Flash), number of meta tags or robot.txt, and many more.

Broken links

Broken links create problems from both a user perspective and a search engine perspective. They can create frustration for people who visit your website while keeping search engine crawlers from crawling your site properly. Over the period of time, broken links that are left unfixed can seriously hinder your technical SEO efforts.

XML sitemap issues

A clean and error-free XML sitemap can drastically improve and boost your website’s search engine ranking potential. We’ll scour your XML sitemap for compression errors, HTTP errors, incorrect namespaces, and other blunders that are often overlooked.

Dynamic URLs

Our team will investigate your website for dynamic URLs that are neither good for search engines crawler nor are user-friendly, and then propose switching to static URLs when possible (or if it makes sense). Static URLs tend to receive higher click-through rates and are easier for search engines to crawl.

W3C Errors

W3C compliance is one essential aspect of a website’s success. These are typically easy-to-resolve issues and should permanently be fixed up. Not remembering doctype, failing to close an element, and unencoded characters in URLs are just some of the many errors we search for to fix.


Once you decide to work with us for a technical SEO audit, we’ll invest our time to analyze the website which will help us understand it better. It’s crucial for us to know your website’s technical SEO history and any known problems before we began the audit.

Then, we’ll coordinate with your IT team to request access to things we need for the further audit. Once the audit is complete, we’ll share and discuss the report generated with you. You can then choose whether you want to implement the solutions by yourself or hand over the reins to our team.

Our technical SEO audit is the first step towards making sure that your website works harder for you. Contact us to get started.