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Social Media Marketing And Optimization Services

We’re A Social Marketing Company

As a social media marketing company, we deliver to you the best social media marketing consisting of both organic & paid campaigns that will boost your online presence on all major social media platforms. Our social media marketing strategies assure you to bring in the right audience by providing your brand, the best social media marketing strategy, and campaigns that are best suitable for Facebook marketing services, Instagram marketing services, LinkedIn marketing services Pinterest marketing services, Quora marketing services, Twitter 

marketing services and Telegram marketing services.


Your website will be thoroughly scanned and checked for 50+ digital marketing aspects including On page, Off page, domain authority, Social media engagement, backlinks, and other online factors.

Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

Increase your brand awareness to the millions of people who are interested in your services.

Facebook Marketing Service

Our Facebook Marketing Service includes everything from strategy creation to campaign analysis. We will help you achieve your Facebook advertisement objective of choice, whether it is to grow your brand awareness, gain more visibility, or earn more conversions. We are constantly researching, tracking, and adapting to online trends. We as a social media marketing company can help you with the most recent Facebook marketing strategies out there.

Instagram Marketing Service

Just like Facebook, Instagram makes it easy to set up an ad or post an image. Instagram marketing is booming as a marketing platform and has transformed many businesses. We as an Instagram marketing company aspire to harness this growth of Instagram as a marketing platform and bring more value to our clients. Our client-centric approach when it comes to Instagram marketing makes us a better option than other social media marketing companies.

LinkedIn Marketing Service

Our LinkedIn marketing team has run many campaigns for a variety of industries across the country. We monitor your LinkedIn company page and campaigns, recognizing any opportunities or issues that pop up and responding in turn. Running a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign is a very demanding skill and our social media company has it all to make your business page light-years ahead of your competitors in the domain of linkedin marketing.

Pinterest Marketing Service

Pinterest marketing forms a great platform for companies that are able to create boards with content which utilizes both visual appeals and provides the audience with valuable content. If one can harness the power of Pinterest marketing, one can use it as another powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal. And Oceans Fay's Social Media Marketing services include Pinterest marketing services as well. Our Pinterest specialist is well-equipped to bring your business more value from Pinterest marketing.

Quora Marketing Service

Oceans Fay is one of the few digital marketing companies that offer you customised Quora marketing services. Quora forms a great platform for increasing brand awareness by simply answering queries and it also improves the SEO outreach of the business. Questions answered on quora are often ranked quite high in search engine results. It builds thought leadership and is a free way to connect with the target audience, listen to conversations, gain insights and feedback and participate in conversations to ultimately brand yourself.

Twitter Marketing Service

Twitter marketing can be used for many purposes engaging multiple points of the marketing and sales funnel. While predominantly used as a top-of-funnel channel to generate brand awareness, our digital marketing goes deeper into, uncovering every possible way to leverage your brand, your Twitter presence and your marketing strengths.

Telegram Marketing Service

Telegram marketing services are a hidden gem in the social media marketing domain. When 10 crores of users are active on Telegram, there’s a solid possibility that some of your existing and potential clients are probably using it. Unlike social media marketing, it turns out to be an opportunity for marketers to engage their recipients in a two-way engagement.