Mahadev Book

Mahadev Book – Betting Case: The first episode of Mahadev’s book, Ravi, Saurabh, Atul and Kapil are on the run, all four of them go to Dubai and other cities.

Mahadev Book’s online betting and gaming apps are done continuously. Avanti Vihar police arrested two books Dinesh and Karthik on Saturday night. Two people are betting in Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly, a police team was immediately sent to Andhra. After 10 people were arrested in the raid there, Mahadev’s books were found to belong to Saurabh Chandrakar, Ravi Utpal, Kapil Chellani from Bhilai and Atul Agarwal from Dharamjaygarh. All four work together. Now these people moved to Dubai with their families.

Mahadev Book

Mahadev Book

The names of the four main accused appeared for the first time in the police work. He placed the main server of the network spread across the country in Dubai. Another SP Abhishek Maheshwari said that Bhilai textile businessman Kapil Chellani was running ID from Dubai. He allowed V Karthik alias Sainu of Vaishali Nagar to break the identity. Karthik runs ID along with B Dinesh. He also rented a house in Andhra Pradesh. 25-25 employees are kept on a monthly basis.

Visakhapatnam Police Bust Mahadev Book Online Betting Scam, Seize Cash And Electronics

Police raided the place and arrested Ankit Choubey, V Venkatesh, MK Mauli, M Venkatesh Andhra, Kushal Appa Karnataka, Ayush Bharti, Hrithik Giri, K Raju, Aman Singh Chowdhary, A Raju Vaishali. Accused got information from 8 laptops, 23 mobiles and more than 200 accounts.

Police said that both Kapil Chellani and Kamal are brothers. He has a textile business in Bhilai. A fraud case has been registered against two brothers in Indore. The money of the fraudulent doctors was placed in the hands of the two brothers. Since then the police have been looking for him. There is also a reward of Rs 5000 to Kapil. He ran away from Durg in 2020. Since then there has been a change in Dubai. He invested heavily in Mahadev’s books.

According to the police, Mahadev Book started in 2019 from Bhilai. Saurabh, Ravi and Atul were trained by Reddy Anna Buki in Hyderabad. Mahadev’s application was made for three lakhs. Accused invested ten million in it and left Dubai. From there they started selling ID cards again. Within three years, he earned crores of rupees from online games and betting. The accused sell the ID for 100 rupees and lakhs.

The publication was published under the name Mahadev Book. A link is sent when you submit an ID by clicking on it. By depositing Rs 100, you will get ID and password. You have different options. You can place or accept bets using the ID. Even after the police action, Mahadev’s books are selling identity cards in Chhattisgarh. An unlicensed book that gambled many times through an online betting racket was out of luck on Tuesday when the police raided its office.

Mahadev Book के गुर्गे: दुर्ग पुलिस ने 6 गुर्गों को किया गि रफ्तार…

Central Crime Branch officials arrested 40-year-old Ravi Mahadev Naik, an online bookie from JP Nagar 1st Phase.

Police said Naik was arrested while taking bets from other books operating a gambling racket related to the Bangladesh Premier Cricket League.

“When he was arrested, he was playing a match between Dhaka Squads and Sylhet Thunders,” the police said, adding that illegal gambling was conducted through the Play365online.com website and app. and mobile phones.

Mahadev Book

During interrogation, Naik allegedly told the police that he was on the run six months ago. Police also seized Rs 56,900 cash and two mobile phones from him. Naik was produced before the court and remanded for further investigation.

Gujarat: Police Unearth Multi Crore Transactions Relating To Mahadev Book, 17 Arrested

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Mahadev Book Seller & Stationery In Vastrapur,ahmedabad

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Mahadev Book

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Saurabh Chandrakar Biography Dubai

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In a major development, the Visakhapatnam City Task Force (CTF) has arrested gangs involved in the ‘Mahadev Book’ of online betting, exposing their corrupt activities. Acting on reliable information, the Cyber ​​​​Crime Police carried out raids and confirmed ongoing betting operations.

The police seized a total of 53 mobile phones, 7 laptops and an amount of Rs 5 crore from 71 different bank accounts related to the scam. The main accused was produced before the court and remanded for further investigation.

Online betting platform Mahadev Book, which targeted the youth by posing as an online gaming platform, cheated unsuspecting people of crores of rupees. Visakhapatnam City Police Commissioner CM Thrivikrama Varma IPS revealed that transactions worth Rs 50 crore were found in 71 bank accounts. As a result, Rs 5 crore 54 lakh were seized from these accounts and presented as evidence before the court .

Book के 5 ब्रांच पर पुलिस की रेड: भिलाई के सॉफ्टवेयर The Lion Book समेत 8 App में लगवा रहे थे पैसा, पुलिस ने

The group’s work was first brought to light by local member ACP Trinadha Rao, who discovered the location of their work in a three-storey building near the PM’s last bus stop Palem. Under the cover of the rental business, the organization, which is headed by Mahadev and consists of 19 members, operates online betting. Given their online nature of operations, the Cyber ​​Crime Police took over the investigation under the supervision of DCP-1 Vidyasagar Naidu.

Cyber ​​crime investigator ​​​​Bhavani Prasad along with his team quickly responded to the situation, arresting all the members. Most of the arrested are believed to be from Chhattisgarh and Bihar.

Although the Mahadev Book gaming website is banned in India, it is still running in other countries. This platform serves as a repository for various betting applications and supports many variables. To lure the unsuspecting, the group sends text messages and online advertisements through exchanges such as Tiger Exchange, Gold365, Laser247, Cricketbuzz.com, Play247.win, Sky1exchange.com and Cricketbet9.com, encouraging them to download their apps.

Mahadev Book

The Mahadev Book Gaming app, which spans more than 60 websites including Lotus365, FairPlay, Reddy Anna, Laser Book, Tiger Exchange, BetBook247 and Gold365, acts as a primary mechanism for cheating activities. O

Bhilai News: महादेव बुक का सबसे पुराना ब्रांच ध्वस्त 50 कर ोड़ रुपये से ज्यादा के लेनदेन का राजफाश

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