World Biggest Cricket Stadium

World Biggest Cricket Stadium – Biggest Cricket Stadium in the World: If you also like to watch cricket and are interested in knowing about some interesting things related to it, then in such a case this post can be very useful for you because today in this post we will talk about these 5 cricket stadiums in the world which are the biggest cricket stadiums in the world and where the spectators Many cricketers can sit together and enjoy the game of cricket.

So in such case if you also want to know about those five biggest cricket stadiums then you can read this forum carefully and know about those biggest and biggest cricket stadiums in the world so let’s find out about top 5. the biggest cricket stadiums in the world by 2022.

World Biggest Cricket Stadium

World Biggest Cricket Stadium

In the first place in this list comes the name “Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium” located in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, which is the largest stadium not only in India but also in the whole world.

Motera Stadium: Largest Cricket Stadium In The World

And in this stadium, more than 110,000 people live together and enjoy cricket. And this field covers 63 hectares. And about 700 crores were needed for it. And its name is also Motera Stadium.

Number two in this list is the name of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the city of Melbourne, Australia, which is the second largest venue in the world, where more than a thousand spectators can sit together and enjoy cricket. And this stadium was built 150 years ago today.

In this list, the name of another cricket ground “Eden Gardens” is at the third place, which is the third largest place in the world. And in this stadium more than 66 thousand spectators can sit together and enjoy the game. And this stadium is located in the city of Kolkata, India.

At the fourth place in this list and the name of the Indian cricket stadium is “Narajan Singh International Cricket Stadium”, which is the fourth largest place in this list. And in this stadium, more than 65,000 spectators can sit together and enjoy the game, this stadium is located in the city of Raipur in Chhattisgarh.

India’s Biggest Cricket Stadium Right Now (2022): Get Top 10 List

The name of the Australian cricket stadium in Perth is on the fifth place in this list, where more than 60000 spectators can sit together and enjoy the game and it is the fifth largest cricket stadium in the world. This stadium, which was built in 2017, is also called Optus Stadium. The age-old cricket rivalry between India and Australia is also reflected in the size of their stadiums, with the top ten stadiums located in both countries. . The size of the arenas are compared according to their viewership capacity. Here are the 10 biggest cricket stadiums in the world. It is an excellent reference for anyone interested in cricket, sports, stadiums or just architecture, especially for architects and designers.

With a seating capacity of 1,32,000, it is one of the few stadiums to have LED stadium lights instead of the traditional flood lights in the tower. The stadium was first built in 1983, after which it was demolished and rebuilt in 2020. The roof is a Teflon membrane designed to be light and separate from the seats to withstand earthquakes.

In addition, the structure and layout do not require columns giving the audience an unobstructed view of the field from all angles. The stadium is designed in such a way that the lower levels can be used for small events and has a sky connection to the nearest metro station to deal with traffic congestion.

World Biggest Cricket Stadium

Locally known as ‘G’, it has a capacity of 1, 00, 024. It was built in 1853 and has hosted a number of important sporting events such as the 1956 Summer Olympics, the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 1992 Cricket World Cup. and 2015 cups. The terrace offers great views of the city and Yarra Park.

World Largest Cricket Stadium

The glass and metal roof has three large atriums leading to three doors. A new feature of the renovated stadium is the expansion of the Australian Sports Gallery, which is now part of the National Sports Museum and contains interactive exhibits.

Established in 1864, it is the oldest cricket ground in India, hence it is called the “Mecca of Indian Cricket”. It has 66,349 spectators and hosts the World Cup and the Asian Cup.

It was named after the Eden sisters of Lord Auckland, the then Governor-General of India, and the grounds were named after prominent Indian cricketers and soldiers.

Built in 2008, it has a capacity of 65,000 seats. It is the second home ground of Indian Premier League team Delhi Daredevils. The stadium was named after Veer Narayan Singh Binjwar, a Sonahan chief who led the 1857 Indian War of Independence in Chhattisgarh.

Biggest Cricket Stadiums In The World

It has newly developed facilities and is considered one of the best stadiums in the country even though it has not yet hosted an international event.

Perth is a multi-purpose venue built in 2017 with a capacity of 60,000. It hosts several major sports leagues as well as major cultural events and concerts. Its location is close to the Fremantle Sea, allowing users to not only enjoy the view but also the air to combat the heat.

The park was a project that revitalized the city’s waste and turned it into a vibrant and lively park and cultural center. It was also a great example of urban design.

World Biggest Cricket Stadium

Home of Indian Premier League team Sunrisers Hyderabad, it has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. The proof that Indians take cricket as a religion is clearly seen in the fact that inside this stadium there is a temple that ensures that the home team does not lose in this game. The stadium was considered fake by the team because of the wrong position of the dressing rooms according to Vastu Dosham (Hindu architecture design consuls).

What Is The Largest Cricket Stadium In The World? Full Details » Gkbooks

After they fixed that and brought the temple, it is believed that they turned their luck around as the team always wins in their stadium.

Built in 2014, with a capacity of 55,000, it was the first DBOT outdoor stadium in India. This means that Kariavattom Sports Facilities Limited (a private company), owns the ground for the first 15 years and is managed by the Kerala Cricket Association (the governing body).

It also has indoor sports facilities such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball, an Olympic size swimming pool and a spa and clubhouse. With beautiful landscape all around, it gives a great experience to every visitor.

Built in 1966, it is a multi-purpose stadium with a capacity of 55,000 spectators. A unique feature of this stadium is its roof made of oxidation-resistant Galvalume sheets with M.S. farms.

Motera Stadium All You Need To Know

In addition, the roof has the potential to install solar panels that will help power the stadium’s facilities, which will be installed soon.

Built in 2008, the DY Patil Stadium also has a capacity of 55,000 and was designed by Hafeez Contractor. Since its opening, the stadium has hosted many IPL matches and is home to the IPL team Mumbai Indians. It also hosts important cultural events such as concerts.

A unique feature of the stadium is that it has a full cantilevered wing roof, which provides an unobstructed view for everyone. The roof is made of fabric from Germany.

World Biggest Cricket Stadium

Built in 1871, it holds 53,583 spectators. The stadium has grown to become an architectural landmark and an icon of sports architecture in Australia. The area was a social and cultural mess that was exacerbated by the construction of the stadium.

The Narendra Modi Stadium: The Biggest Cricket Stadium

The stadium is considered as three pavilions, each one parallel to the surrounding area, the spaces between the pavilions provide views and connections with its context to break the general shape of the stadium.

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World Biggest Cricket Stadium

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Lighting Up The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium Has Been A Unique & Gratifying Experience: Signify

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