Cricket In Hindi

Cricket In Hindi – History of Cricket in Hindi:- The history of cricket is very ancient. Its origin is believed to be in the 16th century. The game of cricket has evolved very rapidly in the last few decades. It has spread to cities and is creating waves in villages as well. If we look at the history of cricket, it starts from England. Earlier it was limited to only a few countries, but gradually it has started being played in many countries around the world. Cricket has become the first choice of the young generation in India. Be it city or village, nowadays this game is played in every street and locality.

Although the history of cricket starts from England, today its craze is maximum in India. Keeping this craze of cricket in mind, T-20 league like IPL has been started. Apart from international cricket, private cricket leagues have also been started across the world.

Cricket In Hindi

Cricket In Hindi

In this article we will get information about the history of cricket in Hindi, beginning of cricket, rules of cricket etc.

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The history of cricket (History of Cricket in Hindi) is very ancient, its first known reference is found in 1597 AD. As time passes the popularity of this game increases very rapidly. The popularity of cricket grew rapidly in England during the 17th and 18th centuries. The first known cricket match club was formed in 1750, in Hambledon (Hampshire). By 1780 Hambledon had become the most famous and popular cricket club in England.

Cricket originated in England but from the 18th century onwards this game gradually started spreading all over the world. If we look at the history of cricket in India, this game started in India with the East India Company.

First-class cricket in India started in 1864 AD when the first match was played between Kolkata vs Madras. Records of this match are not available but a player named “Praveen Chauhan” has received the “Man of the Match” award. The history of cricket in India is based on the existence and development of the East India Company as well as the British Raj. India played its first match in cricket history against England at Lord’s. It is being told that about 24 thousand spectators were present to watch the match between India and England.

India won its first cricket match by an innings against England in 1952 at Madras.

India v Pakistan

Cricket started in England in the 16th century and now its roots have spread almost all over the world. It is believed to have originated among shepherds and farmers in England. Earlier people used to enjoy this game only in rural areas, but as time passed this game started developing and spreading. Today’s cricket is completely different from the era it came from. When cricket was in its infancy it was played on holidays.

A tree or door is used as a stump and the ball is hit with a wooden bat. This is the initial period of cricket history (History of Cricket in Hindi). As the popularity of cricket increased, its rules started being made and gradually in the 17th century cricket became a competitive game. This competition takes place between cities and villages. It is from here that cricket reaches the cities. A cricket match played in Syracuse, England in 1646 is considered to be the first recorded cricket match.

The growth and popularity of cricket suddenly increased from the beginning of the 18th century. Many cricket clubs have emerged along with competitive play. Rules and regulations emerged due to competitive sports and clubs, so many new rules were added to make the game fair.

Cricket In Hindi

“Marylebone Cricket Club” (MCC), established in 1787, is considered to be the most influential club in the history of cricket (History of Cricket in Hindi), due to which new cricket rules were created and it became possible to implement them. Lord’s Cricket Ground in England is still owned by the “Marylebone Cricket Club” (MCC).

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In the 19th century, this game crossed the borders of many countries and now competition has started taking place between different countries in this game. This game attracts the attention of not only the players but also the spectators. Crowds have started gathering in small games. This game also spread very fast due to British rule in different countries. After England, countries like Australia, South Africa, India, West Indies and India adopted this game, which gained popularity among the people in a short time.

William Gilbert Grace is considered the father of cricket. Grace was a cricketer who played for England in the 18th century. William Gilbert Grace is also known by the nicknames “The Doctor”, “The Big One”, “The Old Man”, and “The Champion”. The international cricket career of William Gilbert Grace, the father of cricket, is considered to be from 1880 to 1899. In his 19-year cricket career, William Gilbert Grace continued to play first-class cricket even after retirement, which continued until he was sixty years old.

In these 43 years, William Gilbert Grace played 44 consecutive first-class tournaments. William Gilbert Grace, known as the father of cricket, was not only a left-handed batsman but also a great bowler. If we look at the history of cricket (History of Cricket in Hindi), the father of cricket, William Gilbert Grace, scored more than 54000 runs in 870 matches and took more than 2800 wickets, which seems difficult to believe today.

The history of Indian cricket in Test cricket (History of Cricket in Hindi) starts from 1932 when India played its first cricket Test match against England at Lord’s. This is the only Test match series that C.K. Played under the captaincy of Naidu.

Cricket Name in Hindi How did it start?

India lost the first test match in the history of Indian cricket by a huge margin of 158 runs. In this match, England batted first and scored 259 runs in the first innings and 275 runs in the second innings. When India came out to bat, it could score only 189 and 187 runs in the first and second innings respectively. In this way, Team India lost the first cricket test match in cricket history by a huge margin of 158 runs.

CK played the role of captain in the first half. Naidu scored the highest score of 40 runs while in the second innings, fast bowler Amar Singh, who scored the first half-century in Test match cricket for India, played an inning of 51 runs.

Cricket history in Hindi says that the first century against England in Test cricket was in the name of Lala Amarnath. This match, played in Mumbai in 1933–34, was the first international cricket Test match played in India.

Cricket In Hindi

India won its first match against England in the Test series played in 1951–52. In this test match played under the captaincy of Vijay Hazare, India defeated England by an innings and 4 runs. India won its first Test match in England under the captaincy of Ajit Wadekar in 1971 at The Oval, where the Indian team defeated England by 4 wickets.

What Is Cricket Called In Hindi

The full form of BCCI is “Board of Control for Cricket in India”. BCCI. It was established in 1928. This is a new chapter in the history of Indian cricket. BCCI. BCCI has a President and most of the work is done by the BCCI. Under the supervision of the Secretary. A selection committee was also formed by BCCI. This has just been done.

The full form of ICC is “International Cricket Council”. His job was to create new rules for cricket and improve international cricket.

The popularity of cricket has increased significantly in modern times. Many big tournaments are organized by ICC at international level everywhere-

Friends, in this article you will read the history of cricket which started from England (History of Cricket in Hindi). This game, which started in the 16th century, now exists in its modern form. England is considered the birthplace of cricket. Cricket, which started in England, has now reached all the countries of the world. Home/Photo Gallery/Sports/Sam has become the 9th player in NorthEast first-class history to reach 400 runs in an innings…

Maza Avadta Khel Cricket

Record: Played the 10th biggest innings in cricket history at the age of 32, included in the list of Lara-Bradman

After 18 years, a player managed to score more than 400 runs in first-class cricket. 32-year-old middle-order batsman Sam North-East from Glenmorgan joined the ranks of great players like Don Bradman and Brian Lara after just one innings. Know which 9 players have touched the figure of 400 runs in first-class cricket.

New Delhi. 32 year old Sam Northeast has played a record breaking innings in a county cricket match. The 32-year-old NorthEast batsman in the match between Leicestershire and Glamorgan in Division Two of the County Championship.

Cricket In Hindi

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