Cricket Hindi Name

Cricket Hindi Name – Cricket is a popular sport in India and cricket has been played in India for years. But there is one thing about cricket that you might not know. It is not a secret that England started playing football but with the change of times, football has gained acceptance in Asia and the whole world. But you know the name of Cricket in Hindi.

99.9% of people will not know what cricket is called in Hindi, if you are a cricket fan then you must know the name of Indian cricketer. As we know, Cricket is a game of ball and ball that started in the south of England, which is confirmed as the oldest in 1598 and is now played in more than 100 countries.

Cricket Hindi Name

Cricket Hindi Name

For your information, let us tell you that although there are many English words that we use in our spoken language, but their meaning in Hindi is different. As many people know train or railway in Hindi as Rail Gaadi or Railway, but for your information, let us tell you the Hindi name of Railway or Railway is “Loh Path Gamini”, same as the name of Cricket There is something separately. in Hindi name few people know and today we will tell you about Cricket in Hindi name, so let’s know Cricket in Hindi name.

Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums In India

If we know the name of Cricket in Hindi according to the dictionary, then according to the dictionary, the meaning of cricket in Hindi is “Jhingur” and it is called “ball-bat”.

Below we have told you 5 Indian cricket names but it is not 100% true, cricket experts have different opinion on this.

Dear, do you know these Hindi cricket names? If you know these Indian cricket names, then please say in the comment below and if you like the information we have provided and you like the article we have written, then you can share this article in Share with all your friends cricket lovers so that they also know the name of Indian cricket. Thank you friends for reading this article.

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Cricket Insect In Hindi

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Cricket Hindi Name

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We can guarantee that you might not know what cricket is called in Hindi. but now we

It will give you detailed information about some words that you will only know in English.

In most Indian cities, people use Hindi in their conversations. And almost half of the people of India use Hindi language for communication. The national language of our country is also Hindi. Most people in India say that we use words from every language. But these people do not know that most of the words we use in our daily activities are from English and Urdu languages. We will give you detailed information about this in this post.

You guys use a lot of English words in your life. You will be surprised to know the meaning of these English words in Hindi.

What Is The Hindi Name Of Cricket Know Answer

While football is played and popular in many cities of India, you can see how much interest it has in any World Cup or IPL, but in India what is called cricket in Hindi, which is the language of is it mostly used in India? This question must have crossed your mind at one point or another.

Let us know this in detail. You may not know, one reason for this is that it is difficult to say the meaning of cricket in the Indian language, not everyone can speak it, but Indian speakers use these words very well.

Today, apart from football, we will give you information about some words that you don’t know in Hindi, about train, mobile phone, jacket, tobacco, petrol, ambulance, shirt, film and so on. Read Next – These 10 free IPL Cricket apps show you the game in Hindi. WI vs IND: Ishan Kishan makes his Test debut in India vs West Indies. Ishaan gave many funny comments from behind the wicket. But one was special when he was afraid of his teammates taking Rohit’s name.

Cricket Hindi Name

The Indian team is playing the first match of the series against the West Indies. In this match, along with Ishan Kishan, Yashasvi Jaiswal got the chance to start. International cricket is not new to Ishaan, who has played ODIs and T20s for India. In such situations, his comical style was evident behind the wicket from the very beginning. He often insults his friends.

Cricket Ko Hindi Me Kya Kehte

The goalkeeper Ishan Kishan was afraid of his teammate named Indian team captain Rohit Sharma. Ishaan is heard speaking into the stump mic – Hey Rohit Bhai, they will insult you again.

Who is Ishaan afraid of? Perhaps Ishaan Kishan was afraid of Yashasvi Jaiswal, who was talking to him, on behalf of Rohit. Yashasvi in ​​front is standing on short legs. After Ishaan said this, he went to Silly Point.

Watch the video of Ishu yrr… 🤣🤣

The order was given to Virat too: Ishan Kishan did not just make his debut Yashasvi Jaiswal. He also advised the former captain of the Indian team, Virat Kohli. Ishaan, who is guarding, corrects Virat’s field position and says – He is a little straight.

Captain Of Indian Cricket

Ishaan was also raped. Ishaan Kishan played Rohit Sharma in India. In an interview with him, Ishaan said that if his friend makes a mistake in the game, he even abuses him.

The problem is still there only on the field, Ishan Kishan said that the game is over, Rohit also came and said that he should not be forgotten. Even during the Indian team’s matches, Rohit’s abuse is often heard on the mic.

Ishan’s game did not come, Ishan Kishan did well in his first test. In the first game, he first caught it as he fell forward. His game is not coming. He will play at number six or seven. If points are needed quickly then Ishaan can be sent first again.

Cricket Hindi Name

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