About Cricket In English 10 Points

About Cricket in English 10 Points – Cricket is a game played with bat and ball in a rectangular space. It is a simple game that requires exceptional sportsmanship and team spirit. It tests the endurance of the players and brings out the best innovative playing techniques that have made the game of cricket so popular today.

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About Cricket In English 10 Points

About Cricket In English 10 Points

7) Cricket is played on a rectangular pitch with a distance of 22 meters between both wickets.

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Century in England and has since gained popularity with more than 2 billion fans worldwide today. The game is played on a rectangular plot of land with very little equipment.

The game of cricket is played with a ball and a bat. It is played between two teams with 11 players each. Teams shoot the balls in turn. The team that has chosen to bat sends two of its players (batsmen) onto the field, while the rest of the players wait for their turn outside the field. The bowler of the opposing team bats to score the wicket, while the batsman bats to score runs. The remaining 10 players of the bowling team take the field. When the first innings is over, the bowling team starts batting and the batting team comes out.

The rules of the game of cricket are laid down in a code called the Laws of Cricket. There are 42 laws that have been drawn up since 1744 and are currently maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club in London.

In the center of the pitch there should be a rectangular area 22 meters long from door to door.

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There are six deliveries in every cricket game. After each innings, the bowler rotates. Batsmen score runs until they are collected and dismissed.

Cricket is a very popular game played all over the world. Played with simple equipment, there is a set set of rules, but the sheer talent of the players and the rapidly changing scenarios as the game progresses have made it extremely popular.

The game of cricket has become increasingly popular since its evolution centuries ago. The game is believed to have originated in England in the 16th century and has since spread to other parts of the world, becoming the second most popular sport after football.

About Cricket In English 10 Points

The earliest documented reference to cricket was made during a trial in Guildford, Surrey, England on the 27th.

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Objecting to a piece of land, John Derrick, a doctor by profession, testified that he used to play cricket on the piece of land with his friends about 50 years ago. Obviously he didn’t invent the game and it was probably played before then.

Among all the uncertainty surrounding cricket’s origins, one thing is certain: it appeared before 1550, probably played by children in the south-east of England.

Originally, in the late 16th century, cricket was played by children on land cleared by grazing cattle. It became popular in the following century and is now played by adults as well.

The earliest known encounter took place in Circa, England in 1611. In addition, evidence has been found of at least 30 matches between prominent teams over the next 11 years.

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Century Gradually, the players started getting popular and started attracting huge crowds. Today, cricket’s popularity has peaked with more than 2.5 billion fans worldwide.

All full member countries are eligible to play ODI (One Day International) and Twenty20. The 12 full members, in ascending order of year of accession, are: South Africa (1909), England (1909), Australia (1909), West Indies (1926), New Zealand (1926), India (1926). , Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1981), Zimbabwe (1992), Bangladesh (2000), Afghanistan (2017) and Ireland (2017).

Associate members, a group of 92 countries, are eligible to play in the ICC World Cricket League. However, there are certain prerequisites for a country to be accepted as an associate member. First, they must have at least 16 senior and 16 junior teams, and second, they must have access to at least 8 cricket grounds, 4 of which are permanent grounds.

About Cricket In English 10 Points

Beginning five centuries ago as a ball and stick game played by country children in England; cricket has come a long way in terms of popularity. Although the rules and techniques of the game have evolved over the years, the basic form of the game has stood the test of time and remains largely unchanged.

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Cricket is a popular sport and probably all of us are very familiar with its rules and regulations. Today, it has become so popular that it has become a multi-billion dollar sport. Cricket’s popularity is increasing day by day and so is its revenue.

Cricket is mainly played in three formats namely test match, one day and Twenty20. A brief description of these formats is given below for you.

Test Match is probably the original form of the game that has been played since 1877. It is played over five days and consists of two rounds. Each team gets two chances to shoot the bat and the ball. A Test match brings out the true talents of a team and its cricketers over a longer period of time; it tests their stamina, endurance, patience and sportsmanship.

The format of one-day cricket is a one-innings match, with each team having one chance to bat and bowl. A single innings lasts 50 overs, each with six balls. The first One Day International (ODI) was played on 5

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January 1971, Australia v England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The most famous cricket event ICC (International Cricket Council) World Cup is held every four years in one day format.

A cricket match in Twenty20 format is played for 20 overs for each team. A match in the Twenty20 format usually takes three hours to complete. The first cricket match in Twenty20 format was played on 5

August 2004 between England and New Zealand women’s team. The first men’s 220 international competition was played on the 17th

About Cricket In English 10 Points

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. 2.5 billion cricket fans living in 180 countries continue their passion. ICC Cricket World Cup is the most popular cricket event. Several private business houses are also giving their employees a day off to enjoy the World Cup final.

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It would be inappropriate to talk about the popularity of cricket and not mention India. Cricket is so popular in India that it has become a household name across the country. Indian cricketers are revered as legends and idolized by children. Cricket is played on evenings and weekends in every street and field in India. No matter where you are in any state in India, chances are pretty fair to come across a cricket match going on in the street or on the ground.

The bigger the popularity of cricket, the bigger the money. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body that organizes international matches such as the Cricket World Cup.

The ICC generates billions of US dollars in revenue through sponsorship and television rights. Star TV’s broadcast rights for the 2019 ICC World Cup earned $143 million. ICC paid 10 million dollars to the winning England team.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), run by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in the Twenty20 format, has a brand value of $5.3 billion. IPL broadcast rights for 2018-2022 were sold to Star India for $2.55 billion.

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Cricket is the second most popular sport in terms of global presence after football. It is a multi-billion dollar sports industry whose main source of revenue is through broadcast rights and endorsements.

Answer. The Australian cricket team is called Baggy Green because the cricketers wear baggy green caps in Test cricket matches.

I am a writer without a particular choice of genre. However, I enjoy writing about issues that concern the general population. I also enjoy getting to know people, communities and cultures nearby. I’m writing to satisfy the writer in me and also to alert you to a few things. Ranji (Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Maharaja Jam Sahib Nawanagar) was the first great Indian player. He played for England from 1896 to 1902 and was an officer in the British Army in the First World War.

About Cricket In English 10 Points

Cricket is a popular sport with a long history. It was invented in England in the 16th century. So more than 400 years have passed. played between two teams of eleven players each. One team tries to score runs by batting, while the other team pitches and tries to prevent it. Points are scored by kicking the ball thrown by a player of the fielding team

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